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JD45 Series Low Pressure Die Casting Machine


Low-pressure casting machine/casting machine 

Holding Furnace is the necessary and sufficient to seala dry compressed air,Holding Furance,the Liquid metalunder pressure in the air,along the tube or liquid to the mold cavity-type,liquid metal type in the mold cavity(Underpressure)Sikudufucatuib,the castings are close.

(Technical Parameters) 
(Furnace Capacity)150kg200kg200kg200kg
(Model Size)
Horizontal Opening Cylidert2\32\3\42\3\42\3\4
(Bore/rod diameter):mm100/50125/63125/70125/70
(Stroke) mm200mm250mm300mm350mm
 Center Height(Can be adjust)110mm130mm150mm160mm
Closing Cylinder Bore/rod diameter125/70125/70140/80140/80
Closing Cylinder:stroke5006008001000
 Hydraulic Syestem 
(Compressed Air)0.6mpa0.6mpa0.6mpa0.6mpa


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