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Automatic Core Shooting Machine with Nylon Conveying Band


 1.砂芯最大质量 1.Greatest weight of sand cores
 2.最大芯盒尺寸  2.The biggest size of core boxes(L X W X H)
 3.模具安装板尺寸    350mmX200mmX50mm
 4.射头下压行程  4.Ltinerary of plunger under pressure
 5.开模行程  5.Ltinerary of mould opening
 6.最大抽芯行程  6.The longest tinerary of core-pulling guide bar
 7.输送带规格  7.Nylon conveying band(L×W×H)
 8.输送带上升角度  8.Lncreased angle of nylon conveying band   2°-5°
 9.输送速度  9.Transmission speed  72mm/s
 10.机器总功率  10.Total power
 11.设备净重  11.Equipment net weight
 12.设备最大轮廓尺寸  12.Equipment maximum outlined size

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