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Tilting aluminum alloy casting machine


Product introduction
JD600 - Y rotated type casting machine adopts programmable logic controller PLC, the switch control, hydraulic transmission. With a high degree of automation, mould strength, stable, reliable process parameters adjustment range is big, simple and convenient operation, easy loading and unloading of mould, etc.
Mechanical parts: JD - 600 y type tilting casting mechanical part by a fixed die support plate, top core board, dynamic templates, moving die support plate, guide pin, guide sleeve, rotary support, buffer, stop and base parts.
Dynamic templates, template, guide pin, guide sleeve, and connection plate gate type structure, by rotating shaft through a rolling bearing and the bracket with on the base of connection, rotary oil cylinder push broaching machine body is horizontal to vertical rotary motion. Top core part, core board, press plate press in ?

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