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Intermediate frequency furnace zhejiang medium frequency furnace medium frequency furnace manufactur


Technical parameter

1  Equipment type:                  GW-0.1t;

2)  Rated input voltage                380V

3)  frequency of input current          50HZ

4)  phases of input power:             3 phases

5)  Rated output power :              50KW

6)  Rated input current:                 80A

7)  Rated output frequency :           1KHZ±20%

8)  Rated output voltage :              750V

9)  Output phase:                     1 phase

10) Rated capacity                    100KG

11)   melting time:                      100kg/Hout;

12)   Cooling water consumption:         15 TON / Hour;

13)   electricity power supply(recommend) 60KVA.


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