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Heat Core Box Core Shooting Machine with 3 Multiplied Station (JD-300-II)


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JD-300-II Hot-box core shooting machine
JD-300-II Hot-box core shooting machine is used to make sand core. It has many advantages.
First, it can save a lot of auxiliary equipments and tools, such as core drying machine, Dryer, core bar, wax string and so on.
Second, it need low labor intensity and has easy operation. Electric heating is used on The machine. Heating temperature can be controlled easily.
Third, it has to work in with gas system. It also can be used for cold-box core production.
Forth, it has high production efficiency. The production cycle takes only several seconds.
Fifth, sand cores which are made by it have high qualities, accurate sizes and smooth Surface. It can reduce casting machining allowance.
Maximum weight of sand core: 3.2 kg
Maximum size of core box: 350× 260× 160 (L× W× H, mm)
Stroke of shooting head pressing down: Less than 30 mm
Size of heating plate: 350× 200 (L× W, mm)
Stroke of core pulling (directly below /front and back): 125mm/50mm
Core pulling angle of front and back adjustment: Less than 70°
Machine weight: 450 kg
Heating power: 6.5 KW
Machine size: 1250× 950× 1850 (L× W× H, mm)

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