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High Quality Mix Sand Machine (JD-200-III)


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High quality mix sand machine
Mix sand machine features and technical parameters:
1.150kg Pneumatic Door Closed Mixed Sand Machine
2. Quartz Sand Capacity 50kg
3. Turns of Speed Gear Machine 116r/min
4. Diameter of Sphere 600mm
5. Power of machine 2.2kw
6. Net Weight of The Whole Machine 425kg
7. Heating Power 6.5kw
8. Dimensions 1310*700*1230mm
1. This sand mixter machine series is mainly used in mixing the resin no-brake sand and sodium silicate sand
2. The cementing agent supplying system uses the advanced gear pump, the diaphragm the liquid instrumentation and the survey is accurate.
3. The mixing time is short, no head or tail sand loss. The rotation of the double arms is flexble, the area of operation is big.
4. All opening tyre sand mixing strirring cage wall, which is advantageous for cleaning and adjustment of the leaf blade, the operation and repairing are both convenient.
5. It reduces the charging quantity of cementing agent, improves the molding sand quality and obtains the good economic efficiency.
6. The electric appliance uses PLC control, which is fully retriction and protection, it uses the simulation screen to demonstrat and running is stable and reliable, it realizes the automatic production.

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High Quality Mix Sand Machine (JD-200-III)

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