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JD700 automatic core machine with nylon conveying band


Machine mainly production automatic core sand core and outer mold sand mold equipment, shoot core function in the process of production process and processing for foundry offers many advantages, used shoot core vendors would know, shoot core machine is indispensable to modern and future foundry sand core equipment, below is the respect of the preparation for automatic shoot core machine work.
1. Automatic shoot core machine before opening work must prepare the materials needed to be complete, process parameters and data to adjust, when preparations ready can boot up production.
2. Automatic core machine automatic startup before, need to first select manual position switch.
3. Shoot sand cylinder switch operation, make the shoot sand barrel into position, or back to the sand cone gaza began after sand in place, after a full return to the origin position.
4. Check whether the origin of light bright, if on the explanation to the origin of all the action is, then you can switch to automatic location choice.
5. You can open a start switch, then start automatically after will work according to set good application order in advance, after completing a set of actions will wait for the start of the next action

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