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JD600 aluminum alloy casting machine



Technical parameters:

1.Maximum size of mould frame:(600*500*600)mm

2.Maximum clamping force: 45KN

3.Maximum opening mould :32KN

4.Minimum shut height:350mm

5.Maximum stroke of dynamic mold:350mm

6.Top core oil cylinder output:38KN

7.The angle of working platform rotation:0°- 90°

8.The speed of working platform rotation:8°/SV4°/S

9.Hydraulic station power:3.75kw

10.Hydraulic system pressure rating:6.5Mpa

11.Hydraulic system working pressure:5.5-10Mpa


13.Plunger pump (Taiwan imports):25cc/rev

14.Human-computer conversation:Siemens touch screen

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