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What is the cause of the heating of the high temperature pump motor?

Time:2017-09-08 16:57:27
The main reasons are: overload caused by the materials, the proportion is too large, too much work pressure range (flow head) over high temperature oil pump design requirements, high temperature oil pump motor and pump assembly coaxial degree difference.
High temperature pump is a pump body, pump cover, internal and external rotor, pump shaft, shaft assembly, sealing and other components. The main drive is a set of meshing rotors, and the shaft end seal adopts high temperature and reflux type combination seal, and adopts the water tank cooling mode to control the shaft seal temperature. High temperature gear pump is a positive displacement pump, the work depends on the main and driven gear meshing with each other caused by changes in the volume of work to transport the melt. The working volume is composed of pump body, gear alveolus and bearing with side plate function. Three claw type elastic coupling component with pump and motor pump.
Measures to improve service life of high temperature oil pump
1, because the high temperature pump body in high temperature operation, so cold installation, piping should be hinged support, in order to prevent the temperature after the pipe displacement.
2, high temperature pump outlet behind the melt filter should be replaced regularly, not long-term in high pressure and even pressure limit operation.
3, the coupling must be heated in the pump body after the heat to find the right, in order to avoid additional torque caused by operation.
4, high temperature pump outlet pressure measurement point should be set to stop the alarm, otherwise, once the discharge pipe blocked, easy to cause damage to the pump body.
5, the speed should be slow, do not make the front and rear pressure rise sharply, so as not to damage the bearings or melt the blockage lubrication channel.
6, pump start, in the absence of pressure on the export, can not blindly increase speed, in order to prevent the axle or bearing premature damage.
7, regular replacement of bearings can save maintenance costs. When it is found that the abrasion of the inner surface of the shaft or bearing is close to the thickness of the hardened layer, the shaft can be polished again and replaced only by bearings, which can prolong the service life of the pump shaft for 8~10 years.
8, wash the liquid transfer, don't use the pump to transport cleaning liquid, should be removed the internal parts, after the end of the fluid transfer installation, so as to avoid mixing foreign substances in the pump.
9, in case of power failure or heat media cycle interrupted more than 3Omin, then the pump should be disintegrated after cleaning, re assembled, so as not to melt solidification, cracking and other bearing lubrication caused by poor lubrication and high temperature pump damage.
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