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Domestic packaging machinery and equipment will become a hot item

Time:2017-10-18 9:57:58
1. Corrugated board, box (box), printing complete equipment
Corrugated cardboard boxes, refers to the packing box, large, fast food lunch boxes, disposable paper cup, paper packing and so on, these products can be the leader in the packaging industry, the country nearly carton (box) packaging plant, domestic circulation field for more than a decade of corrugated cardboard, cardboard box (box), the demand of printing equipment, in short supply. In addition to a large number of daily necessities to be packed in cartons, so far, motorcycles and bicycles are also packed in cartons. In particular, the fruit in daily life is also packed in cartons instead of baskets. According to industry forecasts, vegetables will soon be packed in large quantities. With the further development of the economy, upgrading speed carton packaging enterprises, the urgent need of more than 2000 mm wide five, seven, nine layers and high strength etc. Various kinds of corrugated cardboard, cardboard box (box) complete sets of equipment.
Ii. Pharmaceutical processing and packaging machinery
A variety of Chinese and western medicine processing complete sets of equipment, especially the important modern machinery processing belongs to the important topic in today's industry, solve Chinese medicine slice, production, injection, paste, powder, pill packaging problems, an urgent need to all kinds of pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment, solve the adaptability, compatibility and reliability of the product, especially the high speed, automation, multi-functional packaging machinery, and the corresponding compound packing materials.
3. Convenient food production complete equipment
The main products are instant noodles, convenient porridge, and convenient food processing complete equipment, such as dumplings and baozi, and the demand for products is increasing. According to the domestic market survey, people's direction for the convenience of food is: nutritional value, high quality products and good taste. The market prospect of traditional food processing and aging and infant food processing equipment is also promising, and relevant enterprises should focus on development.
4. Complete sets of beer and beverage filling equipment
At present, there are about 800 major breweries in China, and more than 2,000 main beverage factories. The beer filling machinery focuses on the development of 50,000 tons of medium filling equipment, with a moderate development of 100,000 tons/year of large beer filling equipment. In particular, people in the industry emphasize the development of high speed, low loss, accurate measurement, automatic detection and other functions, automatic equipment. The beverage machine should adapt to the development direction of "concentrated production main agent, disperse filling beverage". Develop on-site beer, beverage technology and equipment.
5. Fruit and vegetable processing and packaging equipment
For fruit and vegetable processing, preservation is the important trend of its development, the urgent need of fruits and vegetables classification technology and equipment, juice processing technology and equipment with high efficiency, energy conservation and enrichment technology and equipment, after the wash and pick fruits, frozen vegetables and dehydrated vegetables technology and equipment. Development greatly reduce fruit and vegetables, grain, meat, aquatic products, eggs and other food raw material loss of processing machinery, packaging equipment, in particular, are largely mining technology and equipment have spirit, Co60 radiation.

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