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Four requirements for maintenance of mechanical equipment

Time:2017-11-13 15:17:05
1. Maintenance of equipment
To maintain and protect the equipment's performance and technical condition by cleaning, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and other general methods, it is called maintenance of equipment. There are four main requirements for maintenance of equipment:
(1) cleaning equipment inside and outside clean, the sliding surface, screw, rack, gear box, the place such as oil hole without oil, each part do not leak, do not leak, equipment around the chip, debris and dirt to clean;
(2) neat tools, accessories, workpieces (products) to be placed in order, pipes and lines should be organized;
(3) lubricate good time to fill oil or change oil, continuously oil, dry mo phenomenon, oil pressure normal, oil standard bright, oil road smooth, oil quality meets the requirements, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum cleaning;
(4) safe compliance with safe operating procedures, not overload of equipment, safety protection devices of equipment are fully reliable, and timely elimination of unsafe factors.
The maintenance contents of the equipment include routine maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and precision inspection. Maintenance of equipment lubrication and cooling system is also an important part of equipment maintenance.
The daily maintenance of equipment is the basic work of equipment maintenance, which must be institutionalized and normalized. The formulation of the regular maintenance of equipment maintenance work to norm and material consumption quota, and according to the quota evaluation, equipment preventive maintenance contract responsibility system of the appraisal content should be included in the workshop. Equipment regular inspection is a planned preventive inspection, inspection means in addition to the human senses, will also have certain inspection tools and instruments, according to the regular check card, regular check someone is also known as check regularly. The accuracy of the equipment should be checked to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment.
Equipment maintenance should be conducted according to maintenance procedure. The equipment maintenance procedure is the requirement and regulation of the daily maintenance of the equipment, adhere to the equipment maintenance procedure, can extend the service life of the equipment, ensure the safe and comfortable working environment. Its main content should include:
(1) the equipment shall be in order, clean, strong, lubricated, anti-corrosion, safe and other work contents, methods of work, tools and materials used, standards and precautions to be met;
(2) daily inspection maintenance and regular inspection of site, method and standards;
(3) check and assess the contents and methods of operating workers' maintenance equipment.
Ii. The tertiary care system of the equipment
Three-level maintenance system is our country the mid - 1960 - s, in the former Soviet union plan in ap system on the basis of the practice in our country, gradually perfected and developed a kind of maintenance repair system, it embodies the management of equipment maintenance in the center of gravity from the repair to the maintenance of the shift, reflects the progress of the equipment maintenance management and maintenance management policy of putting prevention in the more clear. The three levels of maintenance include: daily maintenance of equipment, primary maintenance and secondary maintenance. The three-level maintenance system is the mandatory maintenance system which is mainly based on the operator and the warranty. The three-level maintenance system is to rely on the masses, to give full play to the enthusiasm of the masses, to carry out group management group repair, the special group to combine, to do well equipment maintenance the effective way.
(1) daily maintenance of equipment
Daily maintenance of equipment, daily maintenance and weekly maintenance, also known as daily protection and weekly protection.
1. The day cases confirmed
The daily routine is carried out by the operator of the equipment, and the first four things of the class, the five attention of the class and the four tasks after the shift are taken seriously.
(1) the first four parts of the class digest the drawing data and check the succession record. Wipe the equipment and lubricate the lubrication as required. Check the position of handle and whether the position of manual operation is correct, flexible and reliable. Low speed running check whether the transmission is normal, lubrication, cooling is not unblocked.
(2) pay attention to the sound of running, the temperature, pressure, liquid level, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic system of the equipment, the instrument signal, whether the safety insurance is normal.
(3) after the shift, the switch will be turned off and all the handles will be in zero position. Remove the iron and dirt, wipe off the oil on the guide surface and slide surface of the equipment, and lubricate it. Clean the work area, arrange the accessories and tools. Fill in the record of the delivery and the operation desk.
(2) weeks cases confirmed
The weekly routine maintenance of the equipment operator is carried out every weekend. The maintenance time is: 2h for general equipment, 4h for fine, large and thin equipment.
(1) exterior cleaning equipment guide, each driving part and exposed part, cleaning the work area. Achieve inner and outer clean without dead Angle, no rust, the surrounding environment is clean.
(2) operate the transmission to check the technical status of the parts, tighten the loose parts and adjust the clearance. Check interlock, insurance device. The transmission sound is normal and safe and reliable.
(3) hydraulic lubrication oil line, dust proof felt, oil filter, oil tank filling or oil change. Check hydraulic system to achieve clean oil, smooth oil, no leakage, no research injury.
(4) the electric system wipes the motor and the surface of the snake skin, checking the insulation and grounding to achieve complete, clean and reliable.
(ii) primary maintenance
Level of maintenance is for operators, maintenance workers to assist, as planned for local disassembly and inspection equipment, cleaning parts, dredge oil, pipelines, replacing or cleaning oil line, felt, oil filter, adjust the fitting clearance of equipment parts, fastening parts of the equipment. The primary maintenance period shall be 4-8h. After the completion of the maintenance, the record shall be recorded and the defects shall be noted, and the workshop mechanical personnel shall organize and accept the inspection. The scope of a guarantee should be the enterprise all in use of equipment, the key equipment should be strictly implemented. The primary purpose of a guarantee is to reduce the wear and tear of the equipment, eliminate the hidden trouble, extend the service life of the equipment, and provide the guarantee for the production of the equipment during the next period of protection.
(3) secondary maintenance
Maintenance workers are mainly maintenance workers, and the operators participate. Secondary maintenance on the equipment maintenance plan, equipment inspection and repair of partial dissolution, replace or repair worn parts, cleaning, oil changes, check repair electrical parts, the technology of equipment condition to achieve the requirement of the equipment in good standards in an all-round way. The duration of secondary maintenance is about 7 days.
After the completion of the second insurance, the maintenance worker shall fill in the maintenance record in detail, and shall be checked by the workshop mechanic and operator, and shall be archived by the power department of the equipment for the acceptance of the equipment. The main purpose of the second insurance is to make the equipment meet the standard, improve and consolidate the equipment and extend the overhaul period.
To implement the "three-level maintenance system", the operators must make the equipment "three good", "four", "four requirements" and "five disciplines". Level 3 highlighted the maintenance in the equipment management and maintenance system plan repair work of position, the "miyoshi", "sihui" of operating workers more specific requirements, improve the knowledge and skills operation workers maintenance equipment. The three-level maintenance system has broken through the provisions of the original Soviet plan, and improved some shortcomings in the pre-repairing system. In the implementation of the tertiary care system, some practices of the military management of weapons were also learned, and the group maintenance was emphasized. Three-level maintenance system in our country enterprise has obtained the good effect and experience, because the level 3 implementation of maintenance system, effectively improve the integrity rate of the equipment enterprises, reduce the equipment accident rate, prolong the equipment repair cycle, reduces the equipment repair costs, better technical and economic results have been achieved.
3. Maintenance requirements for fine, large and thin equipment
(1) work in four sets
(1) use personnel. According to personal mechanism, fine, big, loose equipment operators should choose this type of work a strong sense of responsibility, high technical level and rich practical experience, and as far as possible be of relatively stable for a long time;
(2) maintenance personnel. Fine, big, rare equipment more enterprises, according to the enterprise condition, can be organized, large, loose equipment professional maintenance or XiuLiZu, specifically responsible for the examination fine, big, loose equipment, precision adjustment, maintenance, repair;
(3) operating procedures. The fine, large and thin equipment should be programmed by the platform to display and strictly execute;
(4) spare parts. According to the functions of various kinds of fine, large and thin equipment in the production of enterprises and the source of spare parts, the reserve quota is determined and the priority is solved.
(2) maintenance requirements for precision equipment
(1) the equipment must be installed strictly according to the specification;
(2) enterprises with special requirements for the environment (constant temperature, constant humidity, shockproof and dustproof) should take corresponding measures to ensure the accuracy of equipment:
(3) in daily maintenance, the equipment is not allowed to disassemble the parts, find abnormal stop immediately, and not allow the operation of the disease;
(4) strictly implement the cutting specifications specified in the equipment specification, and only allow the parts to be processed directly. The machining allowance should be as small as possible. In the process of casting, the blank surface should be pre-sprayed or painted;
(5) the non-working time should be covered with a protective cover, which should be kept for a long time and should be cleaned regularly, lubricated and emptied;
(6) accessories and special tools should be shelved by special cabinets, keep clean, prevent the injury, and not be borrowed.
4. Maintenance requirements of power equipment
Power equipment is the key equipment of the enterprise, in the operation with high temperature and high pressure, flammable, poisonous and other risk factors, is the key that ensure safety in production site, to achieve security needed to produce the continuous and stable supply of kinetic energy, the use of power equipment maintenance should have special requirements:
(1) operation personnel must be trained and passed the examination;
(2) there must be complete technical data, safe running technical procedures and operational records;
(3) the operator shall be on the circuit inspection at any time during the time of duty, and shall not leave the post at will;
(4) in case of abnormal conditions during operation, the on-duty personnel should urgently handle the operation procedures and report to the superior in a timely manner;
(5) ensure that all instructions and safety devices are sensitive and accurate and check regularly. The standby equipment is complete and reliable;
(6) the power equipment shall not be operated by diseases, and any failure must be eliminated in time;
(7) periodic preventive and seasonal examinations;
(8) regularly carry out safety education for on-duty personnel and strictly implement the security system.
5. Regional maintenance of equipment
The area maintenance of the equipment is also called maintenance work package mechanism. Maintenance workers to assume a certain equipment maintenance work in production area, together with the production operators to do daily maintenance, Tours of inspection, regular maintenance, repair and troubleshooting, etc, and is responsible for the complete district equipment intact rate, rate of downtime, such as appraisal indicators. The regional maintenance responsibility system is a good form to strengthen the equipment maintenance for production services, to mobilize the workers' enthusiasm and to make the production workers actively care for the equipment maintenance and maintenance work.
The main organizational form of equipment professional maintenance is the regional maintenance group. The regional maintenance group is fully responsible for the maintenance and emergency repair of the equipment in the production area, and its job is:
(1) responsible for the maintenance and repair work of equipment in the region, and ensure the completion rate of equipment, failure rate and other indicators;
(2) conscientiously implement the equipment regular spot check and regional inspection system, guide and supervise the operators to do routine maintenance and regular maintenance;
(3) take part in the survey of equipment status, precision inspection, adjustment and treatment, and carry out failure analysis and condition monitoring.
Area maintenance group the advantage of this kind of equipment maintenance organization form is: at the completion of emergency repair are highly mobile, which can make the equipment repair idle time the shortest, and bench, when no one call on duty can achieve the prevention work and participation in the plan to repair.
The equipment maintenance area should be divided into factors such as distribution of production equipment, equipment status, technical complexity, production need and technical level of fitter. The workshop equipment can be divided into several areas according to the above factors, and the regional maintenance group can be divided according to the type of equipment. The equipment of the running water production line shall be divided into the maintenance area according to the line.
The regional maintenance team shall prepare regular inspection and accuracy inspection plans and specify the routine inspection time for each class. In order for these work to not affect the production, the equipment plan inspection should be arranged in the factory's non-working day, and the routine inspection of each class should be arranged during the lunch break of the production workers.
Vi. Measures to improve equipment maintenance level
In order to improve the maintenance level of equipment, the maintenance work should be basically three - scale, namely, standardization, process and institutionalization.
Standardization is to make the maintenance content unified, which parts should be cleaned, which parts should be adjusted, which devices should be inspected, and should be considered and regulated according to the objective laws of each enterprise.
The process of process is to make maintenance process according to different equipment.
The institutionalization is based on different working conditions of different equipment, stipulating different maintenance period and maintenance time, and strictly implementing.
For regular maintenance work, the quota of work hours and the amount of material consumption should be set and assessed according to the quota.
Equipment maintenance work should be combined with the enterprise production economic contract responsibility system for assessment. At the same time, enterprises should also launch the equipment maintenance work of the special group, conduct self-inspection, mutual inspection and carry out the equipment overhaul
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