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Quanzhou jinglong machinery co., LTD. Wish you new and old customers happy!

Time:2017-12-21 9:31:50
Quanzhou jinglong machinery co., LTD. Wish you new and old customers happy!
Quanzhou JingLong machinery co., LTD. Brand is toast (machinery), is one specialized is engaged in technology, mold design, field staff training service plumbing sanitary ware equipment co., LTD.
Main products are: gravity casting machine, copper alloy casting machine, aluminum alloy casting machine, tilting casting machine, the low pressure casting machine, double-headed machine, vertical shoot core machine, automatic core sand mixer, biaxial compound machine, zinc alloy casting machine and pneumatic clamping, plane grinding machine, etc.
The company provides users with free training of professional technicians, so that they can master the equipment operation faster and achieve the desired purpose.
We always adhere to the quality strives for the survival, to the technology strives for development purposes, and constantly develop, hard work, innovation, in order to shape the outstanding product, improve the company's strength, complete market system, and provide perfect after-sales service for the clients, and sincerely hope to cooperate with the customers at home and abroad, to create the new brilliance.

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