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Core - injection machine in the foundry industry superior performance and its different types

Time:2018/10/19 15:00:27
The core shooter is made of coated sand, suitable for hot core box and cold core box. Its main feature is the application of two guide posts, vertical parting mold, and installation of two different molds at the same time.

The core machine is widely used in the foundry industry, so the core size is accurate and the surface is smooth. When working, only the core sand mixture with liquid or solid thermosetting resin is injected into the core box after heating. The sand core is preheated in the core box and soon hardens to a certain thickness, and it can be taken out to form a high-quality sand core finished product with smooth surface and accurate size.

Core injection machine has been widely used in recent years, mainly because the use of core injection machine modeling can not only save the high wages of molding workers, because it is a case of stacked pouring can also reduce the waste of pouring risers, after casting plastic sand collapse good, conducive to cleaning sand. High production efficiency and precise size of sand mold can reduce machining quantity. Easy operation and high yield of casting. More foundry preferred to use core machine modelling.

At present, the core machine can be divided into vertical classification of no - box injection molding machine and horizontal classification of off - box injection molding machine. The former does not use sand boxes in the molding process, and the molding sand is directly injected into the molding room with templates. The size accuracy of the sand mold is high. The sand box has cavity on both sides and high productivity.

And the latter needs to use sand box for modeling, sand mold after the completion of the closed type off box, the lower core is convenient, high productivity. Since the characteristics of the two types of core shooter are different, the user should select suitable products according to the actual requirements.

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