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Coring machine related common sense

Time:2018/12/07 17:04:06
"Core machine" is a kind of equipment? In fact, it is compressed air suddenly expanded core sand into the core box of the machine. It is to use compressed air to evenly shoot sand into the sand box pre-compaction, and then apply pressure for compaction. It is commonly used to shoot the core of the vertical fractal box-less injection pressure injection core machine and horizontal fractal box-off core machine.

Next, let's talk about the working principle of core injector:

Core shot machine is made of coated sand core, suitable for hot core box. The characteristics of the core machine is the application of two guide columns, open and close mold vertical parting, at the same time to install two sets of different molds, the middle of the fixed frame can be installed on both sides of the fixed mold, about open and close mold (equivalent to double die frame). Injection core machine is widely used in the casting industry, with injection core mechanism to make the core size accurate, smooth surface. The working principle of the core ejection machine is to inject the core sand mixture with liquid or solid thermosetting resin as binder into the core box after heating. The sand core is preheated in the core box and soon hardens to a certain thickness (about 5-10mm) to take it out, forming a smooth surface and accurate size of high-quality sand core products.

At last, five problems that should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of core injector are introduced

1. Check whether there is leakage of air in each cylinder, air path and valve and remove it timely.

2. Clean the contact surface of moving parts at any time during work. Such as guide sleeve, guide column everywhere.

3. Check whether the fastening bolts and nuts of each part are loose regularly and tighten them in time.

4. Clean the equipment after work every day, thoroughly clean the inside and outside once a week.

5. Keep the electric control box and operating surface clean. Close the door tightly after maintenance or set time.

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